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Organic duck liver from Landes 

Granny Smith apple | shiso | Gambero Rosso 

Norwegian scallop - hand dived - 

cep | cauliflower | brown butter
with 3g of white truffle from Alba
additional cost EUR 48


Breton sea bass - bar de ligne -

chicory | kohlrabi | orange
with 5g of Kristall caviar
additional cost EUR 35

Quail - Jean Claude Miéral -

chervil | kale | Périgord truffle


East frisian short rib 

Jerusalem artichoke | red currant | brioche 
Japanese Kagoshima Wagyu - Entrecôte A5+ -

broccoli | smoked almonds | yuzu

additional cost EUR 65


Fig leaf

blackberry | buckwheat | purple curry

Physalis from Oftering  

saffron | almond | coffee  


Six-course menu EUR 270
Seven-course menu EUR 290


The white treasure from Piedmont 
à la carte in addition to the menu


with 3g of white truffle from Alba

EUR 68

White truffle from Alba 

EUR 16 per gram


Caviar selection by Reto Brändli 
each 50g 


Transmontanus caviar - EUR 240

Baeri caviar - EUR 270

Kristall caviar - EUR 300

Prestige Ossietra caviar - EUR 345

Golden Ossietra caviar - EUR 390

Caviar is served with Blinis, egg and sour cream 



All prices are including VAT. Subject to change without notice.

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